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 Family Psychiatric Services Policies

Welcome to Family Psychiatric Services!  Family Psychiatric Services is an association of independently practicing professionals who share office space and administrative services.  Each provider is completely independent in providing you with clinical services and is solely responsible for those services.  We hope reviewing the following policies will improve your experience of our services.  Please note that our office is closed on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Emergencies: Please call our regular phone number (217-483-5800) and follow the instructions to leave a message for your provider if you have an urgent issue after hours.  However, if you suspect that you or your child is in immediate danger of harm to self or others please call “911” or report to the nearest emergency medical facility. Discuss with your provider the most appropriate medical facility for you in case of an emergency.  The Springfield area emergency rooms have contact information for Dr. Decker and Dr. Stonecipher.


Telephone Consultation:  For questions that require more than a simple response (one that could be easily passed through a non-medically trained receptionist), an appointment with your provider is needed.  Urgent appointments will generally be available within 48 hours of your call. There is a charge for telephone consultation.  This charge is not covered by Insurance companies.

Referrals: It is the responsibility of the patient or guardian to get a referral from the primary care physician.

Payment: Payment of session fees, insurance co-payment, deductible, or other charges are due at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. Arch Medical Billing provides billing services for Family Psychiatric Services providers.  Please contact them directly at the phone number on your bill for billing questions. You are financially responsible for all charges for the provider’s services.  In accordance with the financial agreement signed at the initial appointment, this can include the balance remaining after payment of insurance benefits, charges for non-covered services or missed appointments, as well as billing collection related charges.  Fees are set individually by each independent provider.  There is a fee for all returned checks.

Missed Appointments: If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, we do require at least 24 hours notice during business hours.  Our office is closed Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  If notice is given, the appointment time can be offered to another client.  Failure to provide notice will result in a charge for the missed appointment unless another client is scheduled in your place. This charge is not covered by insurance companies.  This charge may be waived in the case of illness or emergency at the discretion of your provider. Please be thoughtful when scheduling appointments.

Reports:  A fee will be charged for brief reports or letters requested for third parties other than your insurance company. This includes reports to state agencies, physicians, teachers, schools, or employers. Longer reports will be assessed a fee based on actual time spent preparing the report.  All reports and court testimony fees must be paid in advance.  There is a reasonable charge for copies of medical records.

Prescription Refills: No prescriptions will be refilled outside of normal business hours. 

Please call your pharmacy directly for all medication refills. The pharmacy will contact your physician. Using the automated refill service at your pharmacy typically results in a refill request being faxed to your provider, which can be handled more efficiently than telephone calls.  Prior to contacting your pharmacy make sure you do not have a recent written prescription and confirm that you are not overdue for your next appointment. Often the prescription was written with enough refills to provide medication until your next appointment. When appropriate, your physician will give refill authorization during their next “in office” work day or within a maximum of 48 business hours.  Please turn in all written prescriptions to your pharmacy as soon as possible (other than Schedule II prescriptions which must be turned in when due to be filled) so they are not lost and so that refills can be on file with your pharmacy. If your prescription is lost or stolen, you may be given another at the discretion of your physician. Stolen prescriptions may require a police report to be filed by you before another script can be written.

Some medications require a written prescription and cannot be phoned in to the pharmacy. The most common medications requiring a written prescription are stimulants used to treat ADHD.  Your physician may not be in the office every day of the week. Please give 5 days’ notice for a written prescription. Your prescription can be picked up at the front desk.  Prescriptions will not be mailed except under special circumstances. 

Child/Adolescent Office Visits: Unless previously arranged, minors must always be accompanied by a guardian who can provide information about recent behavioral observations.

A good office visit requires the full attention of the patient and the guardian(s). Only the patient and any guardians should be in attendance at a visit unless previously arranged. The office does not have the capacity to safely monitor young children left unattended.

Cell Phones: Cell phones should be in the off or silent mode during visits. 

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