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Genotyping Services

 Genotyping Assay:

There are estimated to be 20,000 genes involved in mental health.  Genes are being identified for use in pharmacogenetics.  Pharmacogenetics is a form of personalized medicine that uses individual patient information to optimize preventative and therapeutic care.  This new approach uses genomics, your personal genetic makeup, in order to enable a tailored approach to treatment with medications.

Although some of the genes tested are linked with increased risk of particular disorder, this test is NOT used for diagnosis or prognosis.

Dr. Stonecipher offers the Genomind Genecept Assay introduced in 2011 that tests for markers related to the influence of psychiatric medications on mood disorders.  This test can be very useful to personalize medication treatment based on your individual genetic markers.  This is a very recent scientific advance that is covered by most, but not all insurance companies.  

Frequently asked questions:


What do I need to do in order to take the test?

You will be asked to not have anything to eat or drink for one hour prior to swabbing the inside of your cheek for a DNA sample.  Your doctor sends the sample directly to Genomind and it is then analyzed in a CLIA-certified lab.  The lab will then analyze the DNA in this saliva sample, yielding important information that will be privately transmitted to your clinician in a report within 1-2 weeks.  In addition, Genomind psychopharmacologists are available to discuss test results with treating clinicians.


Can I see the results of my test?

The test results are provided to your doctor as an extensive report.  After consultation, you may choose to have a copy to keep for your permanent record.  As these are your genetic results, they will never change.  However, it is probable that other genes will be added to this test in the future.

What kinds of treatment recommendations will my doctor make for me?

The test is designed to match genetic markers with current interpretations to provide your clinician with a better understanding of how you may respond to treatment.  The results of your test, combined with the expertise of your clinician, is designed to help to achieve better responses to treatment and avoid medications that may cause you to have significant side effects.  Results may also be useful in preventative care.  Please keep in mind that the results of your genotyping do not guarantee responses to medications.  Results are also not useful for diagnosis or prognosis of your condition. 


Is the Genecept Assay covered by insurance?

     Many, but not all, insurance companies are covering this test.  Your insurance (should you chose to submit) and credit card information is included on the requisition form submitted to Genomind with your saliva sample.  You should always check with your insurer regarding coverage questions.  Billing for this test will come directly from Genomind.  
    Your doctor will review your test results with you during an appointment.  This consultation fee is paid directly to your provider and may be covered under your mental health coverage.


How private is this information?

    Should you choose to be genotyped your information and consultation will be kept strictly confidential by Dr. Stonecipher.  The State of Illinois prevents information regarding genetics from being released to anyone without your specific consent.  This consent must be in addition to a consent to release mental health records.   

    Genomind does not receive all of your personal information and is also required to keep your results confidential.   It is your responsibility to keep your personal copy of your results secure.  Copies of your results will only be given to your primary care physician at your request with your written consent.  Be aware that if you choose to bill your insurance company, this does give your insurance company the right to request your records.  However, insurance companies are often satisfied with your physician's documentation on why the test was ordered.

What genes are included on the test?
Genomind is continually expanding the genes on its assay.  Important genes include seratonin transporter and dopamine receptor variations, Methyltetrahydrofolate (MTHFR) reductase variations, and cytochrome P450 isoenzymes.  

Updated 1/30/17 by Dr. Stonecipher

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